Comparing Drop to Drop

How do the Rates of Municipal Authorities differ from For-Profit Water Companies?


CWA prides itself on keeping our ratepayers informed about CWA’s rates, the health of its system (we are strong!) and the quality of its drinking water (we win awards!). This interactive map is just one more way we are able to keep you informed.

This interactive map represents the water rates of the primary water suppliers across 239 municipalities in five counties in Southeastern Pennsylvania. This map easily allows you to compare the annual rates for water between three different providers and across county lines. You can even figure out what it would mean for your water bill if the provider, for example, switched from CWA to Aqua/Essential or American. You can also use this map to understand what percentage of the annual median household income is needed to cover drinking water bills.*


Go ahead and give it a try.

Click on a township/borough (or search for one) to learn more about water rates in that municipality.
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*based on typical residential use

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Map Data Updated 8.2.22

Map reflects CWA 2022 rates and Aqua’s rate increase approved by the PUC in May 2022.