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Customer Service

Customer Service is an integral part of Chester Water Authority (CWA). Answering a myriad of questions about your bill, your meter, your usage, your service line as well as dispatching service technicians to facilitate repairs if necessary.  Customer service does not begin or end with the Authority’s Customer Service Department, but has many faces here at CWA. We provide award-winning water at an affordable price. If there’s anything you need, contact us.

How to Read Your Water Bill

Your water bill contains information about your water use and charges.

Keeping Customers Safe

Stop. Look. Listen. Chester Water Authority wants all of our customers to be safe.

Forms, Applications and Requests

Application for Service, Water Certification, Leak Adjustment, Name Change and more!

Get Help Now

Customer Service Options

  • By Phone– please call 610-876-8181
  • Online – visit the MyCWA portal. Click on “Contact Us” in the top right corner.
  • In Person – by appointment only.  Please call 610-876-8185 to schedule an appointment

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question not listed here, please contact us.

What are your hours of operation?

Walk-in: By appointment only.  Please call 610-876-8185 to schedule an appointment.

Telephone: 800-793-2323 or 610.876.8181 8:30 am to  4:30 pm Monday through Friday

Emergency Calls – 24 hours per day. 7 days a week.
Our 24-hour phone number is: 800-793-2323 or 610.876.8181

Why has my water been shut off?

The water may not be on due to the fact that there may be a water main break in your area or because of non-payment of your water or wastewater bill. Please contact our Customer Service Department if you need to set up a payment plan.

My water bill is higher than normal.

There may be a leak. CWA will first check your account to see the consumption history and a meter serviceman will be scheduled to inspect your home for possible leaks.

The average household uses about 5400 gallons per month, or 180 gallons per day. If your water consumption seems too high, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance.

How do I get my water meter read?

Please contact Customer Service to have your water meter read. A meter serviceman will be sent to your home.

I am a landlord. Have my tenants paid their water bill?

CWA will notify a landlord if the tenant has failed to pay their water bill. If the tenant has not paid their water bill, the landlord is responsible to pay it.

I see water bubbling in the street. What should I do?

There may be a water main leak. Please call our CWA and report any possible leaks.

Emergency Calls – 24 hours per day:
610-876-8181 or 800-793-2323

Water is leaking in my basement. What should I do?

You may have a water service leak. Please call our CWA and report any possible leaks.

Emergency Calls – 24 hours per day.
610-876-8181 or 800-793-2323

I am having financial difficulties. Can I make arrangements for a payment plan?

Yes. Contact the Customer Service Department for details.

I have high/low water pressure. What can I do?

Contact our Customer Service Department. Someone will be scheduled to visit your home to check pressure issues.

Who is responsible for my plumbing?

Many facilities that provide water to your home or business are located underground. The sketch below shows the location of a typical water service, and who is responsible for what part of it. If you have any questions, call our Customer Service Department at 1.610.876.8181 or 1.800.793.2323.

Sketch of Curb Box

Sketch of Meter Box

Chester Water Authority’s Public Records

Right to Know

Act 3 of 2008, which took effect January 1, 2009, revised The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Right To Know Law to provide citizens access to the public records of any state and local agency. Now, a government agency must presume that a record is a public record available for inspection or copying. If the government agency chooses to withhold a record, the agency has the burden to prove – with legal citation – why that record should not be available to the public. If you would like to view any of Chester Water Authority’s public records, please print out the Request form, fill it out, and fax it to 1.610.876.2501 or mail it to Chester Water Authority, PO Box 467, Chester, PA 19016, or bring it to us at 415 Welsh Street in Chester. Any request for records will be answered within five business days of receipt. There may be a cost for copying and mailing responses.
You may complete our online webform or download a printer-ready copy which you can print out and fax, mail or deliver.

Provide as much specific detail as possible so we can identify the information

Do You Want Copies?
Do You Want to Inspect the Records?
Do You Want Certified Copies of the Records?

**If the requestor wishes to pursue the relief and remedies provided for in this act, the request must be in writing. (Section 702.) Written requests need not include an explanation why information is sought or the intended use of the information unless otherwise required by law. (Section 703.)

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Why is bottled water being requested instead of using large containers and cups?

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Chester Water Authority’s Bottled Water

Bottled Water Request

The Authority’s 16.9 ounce bottles can be handed out free for promotional purposes only. The steps to be followed and the acceptable reasons for providing the bottled water free of charge are shown below. This procedure is administered by the Trainer/Public Relations Specialist in the Business Development Group and the Distribution Department.
Rules and Procedures for CWA Bottled Water
  • Requestor must pick up the cases of bottled water at Distribution Headquarters (Front and Fulton Streets, City of Chester) unless special permission is granted for the Authority to deliver-arrangements must be made at least three days in advance of the event.
  • Bottled water must be used for a special public event.
  • Bottled water must be given away and not sold by the Requestor either to raise funds or for profit.
  • If there is an event fee, fees must be used only for payment of event costs and not as payment to individuals.
  • The maximum amount of cases available for an event is 5 cases during the Spring, Fall, and Winter and 10 cases during the Summer unless special permission is granted. There is a maximum limit per year per organization.
  • The amount of cases requested must be commensurate with the amount of people expected and the type of event and time of year it is being held
  • Bottled water is available for fire companies for use on fire trucks only, and not for consumption in the fire houses-maximum of 5 cases twice per year per company
  • Bottled water is not to be provided for general use over extended periods of time
  • Bottled water is not to be provided when there is a convenient alternative such as water fountains, pour containers, etc.
  • Bottled water is not to be provided for private family reunions, block parties or other private events (birthday parties, funerals, social gathers, etc.)
  • Event must be located within the Authority’s service area.
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Phone Payment System


Pay your water bill or obtain your account balance and due date by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our automated phone payment system accepts Visa, MasterCard and e-checks.

The vendor charges a $2.75 convenience fee to process a payment.

Paying your bill is as EASY as 1,2,3,…….

  1. 1. Enter your Customer Number
  2. 2. Enter your Account Number
  3. 3. Enter your payment information.
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