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Water System Improvement Projects

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Recent Upgrades and Improvements

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Village Green Tank No.2
As part of the ongoing annual tank maintenance program, Chester Water Authority identified Village Green Tank No. 2 as the next tank in need of maintenance and rehabilitation work.  Village Green Tank No. 2 is an 8.5-million-gallon steel ground storage tank located at the Village Green Tank Farm in Aston, PA.  The tank is 205 feet in diameter with a height of 35 feet.  The tank was inspected and had the interior surface cleaned and a new application of interior coatings applied.

Transmission Main Condition Assessment
CWA implemented a project to have the condition of Transmission Main No. 1 assessed between the Oxford Tank Farm and Village Green Tank Farm.  Transmission Main No. 1 is a critical part of the CWA’s infrastructure.  The main itself is a 48” prestressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) that is over 30 miles in length and is responsible for conveying an average of 30 MGD of treated water throughout CWA’s service area.  The Transmission Main was inspected for both leaks and latent pipe deficiencies with no significant findings for either potential issue.

Pine Grove Dam Apron Rehabilitation
During one of the recent annual inspections at CWA’s Pine Grove Dam, it was observed that the tainter gate spillway structure, as well as the dam apron structure, were experiencing erosion issues that could lead to issues if left unaddressed.  The spillway apron slab was undergoing erosion along the edges of the slab while the dam apron was facing undermining issues.  CWA implemented this project to address the erosion issues that were occurring at both locations.  The spillway had additional concrete added to the structure to stop the erosion while sections of the dam apron were removed and replaced with new concrete structures that addressed the undermining issues and will prevent any further erosion from continuing in the future.

CWA Fishing Headquarters
The Chester Water Authority’s Fishing Headquarters modular building was built in the mid 1980’s, approaching 40 years old. Its aged condition necessitated replacement. A similar building of size and configuration was selected, and the existing building was replaced with a new facility that included updated amenities and efficiencies. The project was completed in October of 2022.

Security Card Access System
The Chester Water Authority’s Octoraro Water Treatment Plant was the recipient of a Physical Access Control system that was installed at the Plant as well as support buildings. The system controls access to doors, walk-up and drive-up gates, and provides status and reporting capabilities for all monitored access points.  Access is allowed/restricted to each access point on a per user basis. All exterior doors and select high security areas within the treatment plant were provided with a keycard access system that can be monitored and maintained from a central location.

New Fishing Headquarters Building.

Jennersville Tank
The Chester Water Authority’s Jennersville Tank is a 450,000 gallon steel ground storage tank located in West Grove, PA. The tank is 52 feet in diameter and the shell height is 30 feet. The tank was rehabilitated with the interior surfaces being completely cleaned and repainted. The exterior surfaces were spot cleaned and completely repainted. Work included installation of safety and vandal deterrent devices.

Village Green Tank #7
The Chester Water Authority’s Village Green Tank #7 is a 10,000,000 gallon steel ground storage tank located in Aston, PA. The tank is 232 feet 6-inches in diameter and has a shell height of 32 feet 6-inches. The tank was rehabilitated. The interior and exterior surfaces were completely cleaned and repainted. Work included installation of safety and vandal deterrent devices.

Village Green Tank 7 Rehabilitation.

Reservoir Intake Sluice Gate Replacement
The 54-inch sluice gate on the intake pipe at the Octoraro Reservoir was replaced. The value of the project is approximately $191k. All the work was done by divers approximately 40 feet below the surface working to remove the existing gate and lift it out by crane and then install the new gate. This large gate valve is necessary for the safety of the dam and for maintenance work. Remington and Vernick Engineers oversaw Marine Technologies Inc. for this project.

Tainter Gate Improvements
In 2020 Alltech Engineering working with Gannett Fleming finished a multi-year rehabilitation project on the tainter gates at the Pine Grove Dam. In the prior year, steel members on both gates were replaced and Gate #1 was painted. In 2020 Alltech finished the project by fully painting Gate #2 and replacing the mechanical lifting gear for both gates. The total value of the project is over $2.8M. The gates are necessary to release water from the Pine Grove Dam during floods in order to prevent a dam failure. The existing gates and mechanical lifting gear are over 70 years old and the work completed is expected to extend their useful life for at least a couple more decades.

Plant Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Network Upgrades
Chester Water Authority replaced outdated communication networks and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for the industrial control system at the Octoraro Water Treatment Plant with new equipment and systems. The project cost over $1.0M to complete. The control systems for chemical treatment, the hydroelectric generating station, the power substation, the finished water quality monitoring, among several other important Plant functions were all rebuilt with this project. Keystone Engineering Group collaborated with Optimum Controls Corporation for the work.

Plant Emergency Power System Upgrades
This project improved the reliability and redundancy of the electrical power distribution at the Octoraro Treatment Plant. Old equipment including transfer switches and distribution panels that have been prone to failure were replaced.  Unnecessary and unused equipment was removed, and connections made to allow the Ashville Road Pump Station Emergency Generators to power more plant equipment.

Susquehanna Pump #1 Replacement
One of the three 15 MGD pumps at the Susquehanna Raw Water Pumping Station was removed and rebuilt. The total cost of the job is expected to be about $120k. Chester Water Authority worked with A.C. Schultes to complete the job.

Tainter Gates at the Pine Grove Dam.

Top view of one of the Tainter Gates.

Plant Emergency Power System Upgrades.

Tainter Gate Improvements

Lifting Gear Replacement

Generator #3 Replacement

Generator #1 Raised Above Flood Plain

New Switching Equip at Aux Building

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