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How to Read Your Water Bill

Your water bill contains information about your water use and charges. Here is an explanation of the information on your bill.

Click on the appropriate area of the new water bill below to navigate to a detailed description of the related charges.

View The PDF Version

Note: Once you've downloaded the PDF file, you will need Acrobat Reader, (which is available at no charge from Adobe Systems) to read or print the document. The report is also available online, and you can select and display any page of the report.

  1. Bill Number (CWA internal use)
  2. Customer Name and Mailing Address
  3. Meter Number
  4. Billing Period
  5. Meter Reading
  6. Read Status (Type of meter reading)
  7. Thousand Gallons Used(Thousand of gallons of water used during the billing period)
  8. Bill Date
  9. Account Number (Number assigned to service address)
  10. Customer Number (Number assigned to customer)
  11. Service Address (Address where service is provided)
  12. Usage Graph (Water usage history)
  13. Balance Forward (Unpaid balance from previous bill)
  14. Base Charge (Base charge for water service)
  15. Water Consumption Charge (Charge for water used during the billing period)
  16. Current Due by (Payment is due on or before date listed)
  17. Account Balance (Total amount owed on account)
  18. Amount Due (Amount due on or before date listed)
  19. Amount Due if After(Amount due plus late fee if paid after the date listed)
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